By Sam Ferguson

Al has back to his domestic in Roegudok corridor after his adventures with Erik and grasp Lepkin accomplished. As any new king may still, Al is speedy to arrange his state and fill vacancies left within the royal court docket within the aftermath of the numerous battles the dwarves have been pulled into.

Looking for larger knowledge, he turns to his father's library. He quickly stumbles upon a dismal mystery that dwells within the depths of the mountain. Al's look for the Wealth of Kings, could turn out to be his best hour... or it may eat all who reside inside of Roegudok corridor and unharness a bad evil that was once misplaced and buried through the time of the Ancients.

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A dwarf referred to as out from the correct. Sylus became simply in time to determine a dwarf jump from his cavedog to put himself among an orcish crossbow and the king. Sylus heard a noisy, metal thump, after which the dwarf fell to the floor. The cavedog he had leapt from, even if, wiggled because it sprinted ahead and lunged right into a trio of orcs. It killed one and controlled to topple a moment earlier than spears and swords took it down. The dwarf king pressed ahead as extra dwarves arrived to protect his flanks. The scuffling with used to be a lot fiercer now because the orcs have been absolutely became to stand the dwarves. greater than that, goargs have been breaking throughout the footmen and urgent the dwarves again. Sylus narrowly dodged a spear jabbing towards his chest, turning to the aspect somewhat after which clamping his left arm down over the shaft to seize it in position. His cavedog answered to the slightest of Sylus’ instructions, this time stepping again and aiding Sylus pull the orc ahead. Sylus got here in with an overhead chop that drove the orc to the floor in a heap atop different corpses. Sylus ripped the spear unfastened and flipped it over. Now he had a weapon in both hand. He squeezed his saddle among his thighs and suggested his cavedog ahead. He jabbed out at a sword-wielding orc, then got here in with the hammer to complete the attack, using the spike in the course of the orc’s armor and into his chest. An orc lunged in from the appropriate then, yet Sylus’ cavedog snaked in and bit the orc within the soft flesh of the interior thigh. The lizard’s the teeth sank into the flesh simply above the cutout within the greaves, and stopped the orc chilly as he howled in ache. A dwarf on Sylus’ correct helped the cavedog through using a sword during the orc’s neck. unexpectedly, the orcs in entrance of Sylus shrank away. “Steady! ” Sylus known as out. He knew the orcs greater than to imagine they may be routing. because the wall of orcs cut up aside, a multitude of goarg riders proven Sylus’ suspicion. “Bow-sticks! ” Sylus commanded. The king threw the spear haphazardly, and together with his now empty hand reached for a steel cylinder striking from his belt. The dwarves within reach likewise pulled for cylindrical items striking from their belts. Sylus pointed one finish of the glossy weapon at a goarg’s chest. His thumb then came across the button close to the again of the bow-stick, and depressed it. A steel click on was once through a whoosh! A small, yet lethal bolt with a razor-sharp broadhead sailed during the air and sank deep into the goarg’s chest. Dozens of comparable shafts purely an fast later because the different dwarves fired their bow-sticks. The dashing wave of goargs fell to the floor, the closest animal crashing a superb ten yards away and stranding its rider. Sylus became his bow-stick over in his hand, his thumb eagerly sliding round the shaft and searching out the second one button. “Fire ! ” Sylus shouted. the subsequent volley dropped many orcs because the flying missiles simply penetrated the steel armor. Small, and robust, the bowstick’s merely flaw lay within the incontrovertible fact that it used to be a really restricted use merchandise. the interior springs and triggering mechanisms required precision to govern, making it impractical to reload at the battlefield.

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